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Africatown Freedom Tours

Experience Africatown  Like A Local

This is Our Story

This tour business was established to help spread the rich history of my neighborhood. It’s not just known for being the home of the last known slave ship the Clotilda. This was at one point a self sufficient area that the community itself built. This community had at one point, grocery stores , a post office, movie theaters and much much more.

Africa Town

The Bell symbolizes a lot in the AfricaTown Community . It all started on slaveships. It was known to be a bell on the ships for warning of the seas.  If the seas were ruff the bell would ring none stop and the opposite for smooth seas. The story tells that the bell off the Clotilda was given to the enslaved 110 when they debarked the Clotilda. The practice was adopted by  the community of ringing the bell when information needed to be disbursed. 


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